Rock climbing at the Canyon

The cliffs at the Canyon are freely available to anyone with suitable climbing gear and experience; you just turn up with the kit and climb. (The rings for ropes are permanently installed in suitable places on the rocks!)

If you would just like to try your hand, or are a beginner, afternoon introductory sessions are offered once per week, usually Thursdays, and all equipment and instruction is provided for a fee of 15 euros. Tuition is usually in French, but the instructors are helpful and make it easy to follow, and they give demonstrations to consolidate the verbal information.

Booking is advisable, so if you want to sign up for this, let us know in advance. Reception is in the site tourist office, which is reached simply by turning right out of Le Domaine des Hallais, walking down to the river, over the bridge and up the hill until you reach the office on your left. Bring water, wear good, well-fitting trainers (unless you have climbing shoes), and old clothes.

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