Le Domaine des Hallais is a place where a group of people can come together and "do their thing". This can mean anything from a 'house-party' get-together of family or friends for a holiday or celebration, where the main purpose of the visit is to all be in the same place, to a much more focused activity such as a business event, course, hobby or activity-related workshop or clas,s where getting away together helps intensify and expand the experience.

The location is also ideal for music and miniatures workshops, rambling and cycling, motor sports at Le Mans, and for language classes. There are many other activities that can form the focus of a stay at Les Hallais and those noted below are just some of the possibilities. Contact us if your special interest is not listed here, and we will do our very best to arrange something especially for you and investigate all the local attractions that may be relevant.

  • Car and bike racing enthusiasts The famous Le Mans 24 hour race circuit is an easy 45 minutes drive away (with its excellent car and motorsport museum adjacent). There are many competitions there throughout the year in addition to the famous 24 hr event in June.
  • Business groups We offer a personalised environment, ideally suited to corporate hospitality events based around Le Mans races, small intensive training sessions or meetings, team-building events and corporate 'away days'.
  • Large family holiday, parties or wedding groups If you have ever tried to book rooms for 10-20, you will realise the value of having your own dedicated venue. Le Domaine des Hallais is an excellent base for holidays in the Mayenne, Sarthe and the Loire Valley or a fabulous place to relax for a long weekend and celebrate a special occasion such as a special birthday or anniversary; also perfect for overflow accomodation from large events such as weddings.
  • Personal development and healthy living workshops Our quiet location makes it easy to 'get away from it all' and concentrate on life-changing personal development. You can relax by the pool or go for long walks to put it all in perspective when the formal sessions are over.
  • Painters The local countryside offers a wide array of opportunities for painting on location from medieval chateaux and historic villages, to rugged river cliffs or peaceful farmlands. Or you can practice your still lifes with flowers from the garden! In the summer some of the local villages have special days featuring "painters in the streets" if you want an audience!
  • Needlecrafts Our function room has multiple powerpoints for sewing machines (220V AC) and there is a local patchwork quilting club based in St Pierre sur Erve. The quiet locale is also ideal for embroidery or knitting classes or 'retreats'.
  • Rock climbers The cliffs at the river are permanently set up with rings for climbing ropes offering many routes of varying difficulty. Half day courses are available throughout the summer, suitable for novices or more experienced climbers who prefer to climb under supervision.
  • Keep fit, martial arts, yoga or dance Ouractivity room can be used for physical activities and a piano is provided. The small gym area over the indoor pool offers several fitness machines (stepper, exercise bicycle, cross-trainer, walking machine and water-resistance rower), plus space for floor exercises and free weights.
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