Rambling & Cycling

The countryside around Les Hallais offers cycling and walking opportunities for explorers of all standards and interests. The land is formed from beautiful rolling farmland cut by rivers, which makes for an immense variety of routes: the towpath of the nearby Mayenne river for example, has been restored along nearly 86 Km, and offers a very gentle path, the many farm tracks that criss-cross the area are well-suited to mountain biking and country walks, and the rolling countryside makes for challenging road cycling conditions. There's something for everyone, and when you get back, you can chill out with a cool dip on a hot day, or, in colder seasons, a steaming shower and a warm fire!

There are more than 20 signposted walking and cycling routes in the area around Les Hallais, of lengths from a gentle 6km up to 25km or more, offering an interesting and healthy way of getting to see local monuments, points of interest or scenery. The more adventurous can, of course, make up their own routes.

It is best if you have car transport for your party. Most of the routes are circular, so you will end up back at the start, but if you want to plan a one-way outing, we can collect the car drivers (6 max) at the end and bring you back to your cars, so you can collect the rest of your group.

We have gone over the routes listed here, but there are plenty more to sample. We can give you all the relevant local information before your visit so you can plan things in advance, or upon your arrival if you prefer. In the summer season there are also sometimes organised (guided) walks taking place in the area such as a tour of the old mills near St Suzanne.

  • The oratory of St Céneré Length 6Km; access 50m This short walk takes you through some most attractive countryside and to some ancient and interesting buildings. It also gives great opportunities for spotting the local wildlife. Download our guide here.

  • De la Préhistoire à nos Jours Length 25Km; access 2Km. This trail is offically signposted and its theme is "from prehistoric to modern times". It takes in the ancient caves at the Canyon, the oratory of St Céneré and the mill at Thévalles as well as the villages of St Pierre sur Erve, and Saulges with its ancient and modern churches. Some 25Km in length, it's an all-day walk or half-day bike ride, but you can take a short-cut back to the start from various points if you need a shorter route. Take a picnic to enjoy at the nature reserve at the Bois Isabeau, about halfway round the course, where there are picninc tables provided. The route passes in front of Les Hallais but its official start is in Saulges a short way away. Download our guide here.

  • Autour de la Cité médieval de St Suzanne Length 20Km, access 17Km. This is another signposted route; one that takes you around and about the medieval city of St Suzanne. Starting within the town, you can visit the local museums, bar and gift shops before you set off or after you get back. The route will also take you to the camp from which William the Conqueror attempted to take the city, which must be seen. There are no stiles on the route and the way is not too difficult, but it is a bit hilly since it wanders back and forth from the river Erve in its valley. If you take a picnic you can enjoy it in one of the fields about halfway round the course, near Chammes (no picnic tables so bring a rug). Download the guide here.