Bedroom 4 - La Provence

This bedroom 4 is designed to be accessible to wheelchair users. Its main entrance door is wide entrance, the beds and toilet are raised, and clothes rails, mirrors and hooks available at a convenient height and the doors and toilet seat well contrasted for anyone with visual difficulties. For the deaf or hard of hearing, it also has a sytem for visuel alerts in the bedroom and the bathroom in case of fire.


The beds are slightly higher than usual, for easier use.



Each bed has its own bedside table with 5 drawers. There is also one chair.


The fourth bed can double as a sofa if required and there is a built in wardrobe.


The showerroom door is wide, the 2 basins do not have pedestals in order to make wheelchair approach easier. The shower has a separate seat and there are supporting hand rails for the toilet and shower.

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