Function Rooms

The communal spaces in Le Domaine des Hallais include the salon, the bar, the large activity/conference room and the dining room. The activity room and pool are located in the Grange, the others are in the Lodge.

The large ground floor activity room has a Yamaha GB1 baby grand piano and is suitable for small performances, or even a small disco, and can also be equipped with tables and chairs for workshops, meetings or courses. There is also a folding indoor ping-pong table in this room.

You can also use the ground floor salon and bar areas for break-out sessions or events. The bar has 4 small tables and 12 chairs, and the salon has four sofas and other seating on two long benches, as well as an upright Yamaha piano.

The Salon

The salon is designed to offer a comfortable and informal living space for your group. With plenty of cushions, sofas, floor and bench space, you can sit in a comfortable group and chat, lay out board games, enjoy the large flat screen digital television or Hi-Fi system (bring your own CDs or MP3 player) or watch a DVD.

Salon and TV

The salon can easily seat 24 people in comfortable, informal groups.

Salon seating

More sofas provide flexible seating arrangements

You can easily change the room layout to suit your particular needs, and the Yamaha upright piano can provide a focus for musical activities.

Salon and piano

The large angle sofa is also a convertible double bed for extra sleeping accommodation.

Book exchange and DVD library

There is a small library of books and DVDs, plus board games and jigsaw puzzles and a stereo.

The Bar

The bar is located between the dining room and the salon and is an ideal place for informal conversations: a place to relax with a Nespresso coffee or a stronger drink. You can bring your own alcohol, but we can also offer an honesty bar where you pour your own drinks and note what you have taken, to settle your account later.


Informal round tables, with 12 chairs, for friendly conversations and drinks before or after dinner, and coffee during the day.

Bar fridge

The bar cupboard and fridge can hold a variety of fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral water, beers, wines and spirits. There is also a microwave oven available.

The Large Conference/Activity Room

The large conference/activity room on the ground floor of the Grange building is about 50 square metres, and is big enough to be used for physical activities (e.g. yoga/keep fit/dance) or to play table tennis (ping-pong) on the indoor table available. It is also ideal for an after-dinner disco.

This room is perfect for seminars and courses,and for this use, can be set up with tables suitable for crafts, or in a conference room layout. There are ample power points for laptops or other electrical equipment such as power tools, and there is WiFi access. A whiteboard and flipchart are available, as well as projector and portable screen (these items can also be used in the salon or dining room for more informal presentations).

The Yamaha BG1 grand piano is located in this room, making it an ideal venue for small musical performances, masterclasses and chamber music.


This room is ideal for seminars using a projector and screen.


The large conference room is perfect for meetings.

The Terrace

The outdoor terrace is not strictly speaking a room but is popular for ' al fresco' dining, especially summer barbecues. 28 chairs and 4 large tables are shaded by 4 adjustable parasols.


Four large adjustable umbrellas provide shade.


Sunday barbecue lunches are popular in summer.

Dining facilities


The dining room has seating space for 24-32, with a fireplace and sliding doors onto the terrace where there are 4 long rectangular tables and 28 chairs shown above).

Coffee machine

Help yourself to Nespresso coffee in the dining room; espresso, latté or capuccino, at any time of day - or tea or hot chocolate if you prefer!