Prepare your visit to our area with some background research. You can also order the May'nPass for discounts on many of the tourist attractions in the department of the Mayenne. Our immediate area, called the Coevrons, is also rich in natural beauty and historic sites.

We have been to all of the places listed below ourselves and tried them out, so ask us if you'd like to know more.

The caves at the Canyon Distance 200m; 5 minutes on foot. Allow a couple of hours for the visit. These caves were inhabited in paleolithic times and are open to the public by means of guided tours. Book in advance for large groups.
museum Mayenne Miniatures Distance 0m; Don't miss our little museum of little things! This small museum onsite contains the miniatures collection of one of the owners and comprises more than 45 displays of modern dollhouses, roomboxes and other scale models. Entry is free for all our guests.
The mill at Thévalles Distance 5Km; 8 minutes by car or an hour on foot. The water mill at Thévalles still works to produce flour during guided visits.
Small boar The wild boar at Bailleul Distance 6Km; 10 minutes by car or an hour on foot. You can visit the wild boar farm just up the road, and enjoy tasty meals in the restaurant or buy locally made products from their shop.
The medieval castle at Sainte Suzanne Distance 17Km; 20 minutes by car. This medieval castle and town is perched high on a promontory next to the river Erve. Rich in history and offering spectacular views, it offers a window into the history of the area though its new museum.
Gregorian chant at Solèsmes Distance 26Km; 30 minutes by car. The monks of this beautiful abbey release recordings of their gregorian chant to great acclaim.
The Roman baths at Entrammes Distance 30Km; 30 minutes by car. These baths were discovered only recently. They had been incorporated into the local church when it was enlarged and are consequently in an excellent state of preservation.
The Perrine garden in Laval Distance 40Km; 35 minutes by car. The jardin de la Perrine is situated on the hillside overlooking the Mayenne river in the heart of Laval. It's a beautiful place to stroll, relax and unwind whilst enjoying the plantings and views of the town.
The Roman settlement at Jublains Distance 40Km; 40 minutes by car.
Jublains was the site of a Roman settlement, and the museum and excavated buildings together offer a superb presentation of the history of both the town and the surrounding Mayenne area.
Tiny Dino The museum of the 24 Hrs at Le Mans Distance 45Km; 45 minutes by car. This amazing collection of ancient and modern cars is housed next to the famous 24 hour race track, and traces the history of car development relating to the races.
The Robert Tatin museum at Cossé-le-Vivien Distance 50Km; an hour by car. This fascinating museum is constructed within and around the artist's last house and shows a wide range of his works.
The chateau at Lassay-les-Chateaux Distance 60Km; 1 hour by car.
This castle from the middle ages has seen plenty of history and it still preserves the original materials used in its construction.