Time Out

Where can you find, all within a 30 mile radius, caves painted by paleolithic man, ancient standing stones, the relics of a Roman settlement with temple, baths and amphitheatre, a merovingian castle, and the only (medieval) castle that William the Conqueror tried to capture and failed? In the Mayenne!

Perhaps you have free time allocated as part of a course, or maybe your partner is here on a course and you're looking for things to do while they're occupied. Or, you'd simply like to explore the area, either before or after the main event.

We have here some ideas for time out in the local area and beyond. Please take a good look, see what appeals, and ask us about anything that takes your fancy. We have visited everything listed here (and some other things besides!) so we can give you the inside track.

There are usually also many concerts, exhibitions, performances, fairs and fêtes going on in the Summer season. We try to keep up-to-date, but it's also worth dropping in to the tourist office just up the road in Saulges, who will usually have all the latest info.

The thing to do and see that are listed here are open at least during the tourist season, some of them all year. If you pan to visit them as part of a trip to le Domaine des Hallais, do let us know. Opening times can be surprisingly variable, and we can verify for you that they will be available when you ant to visit.