Swin golf at Meslay du Maine

Swin golf with Mark

Swin golf is a fun way for a family or group of friends to spend an afternoon. It is a form of golf that is popular in France, played with a single, three-headed club and a ball slightly larger and softer than that used in "normal" golf. The action and play is exactly as you would expect, but the differences in the club mean that practiced golfers do not end up with too much of an advantage.

The course at Meslay is attractive, with 18 holes, typically par 3 or 4. You should allow a good afternoon to get all the way round, depending on the number in your party and your overall level of skill.

At the same location is a lake with boats for hire, and if golfing is not your thing, you can simply enjoy a walk around the lake and the attractive course. 

The fee to rent the club is 8 euros and gives you access to the course for the day. In addition, you pay a euro for the ball, that you get to keep.

There is more information at the website of the club here.

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