Local artisan baker

The important thing to know about Cedar Bakery is that the baking is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so if you want hot, fresh and delicious bread, evenings on those days is the time to put your head round the door and buy some.

The place is easy to find; if you stand in St Pierre sur Erve with the church behind you, facing up the hill, the bakery is the house on the corner on the left. As an added clue, you may see big piles of wood in the back garden, for firing the oven.

This bakery makes several kinds of bread, including some with coatings of sesame, poppy or sunflower seeds. If you have a specific requirement it is best to telephone beforehand and let him know, otherwise you might find that all of his supply of your favourite is already allocated to his regular customers.

The bread is organic: the wheat is grown without the use of artificial fertiliser or synthetic pesticides; the grains are collected by a specialist in organic products, analysed and mixed so as to produce a high quality baking flour, and the resulting blend is stone-ground. Finally, Laurent Gourdin, with help from his family, makes the dough and bakes the bread in his wood-fired oven.

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