Gregorian chant at Solèsmes

The beautiful abbey at Solèsmes is home to a community of monks who are famous and highly praised for their recordings of Gregorian chant. Since the abbey is an active working monastery, most of the buildings are not open to the public, but you can visit the reception centre and the church, and attend the public services (sung in Latin) if you wish.

The reception centre stocks the range of CDs recorded in the abbey together with numerous books, other CDs, and DVDs with a religeous theme. There is also a small museum showing a scale model of the entire abbey, and offering a brief history.

The church intself houses numerous excellent satues, and is the venue for both the services and the recordings.

The best view of the abbey is from the opposite bank of the Sarthe, from where its imposing position is seen to best advantage. There is a small park there, where you can picnic. You can also explore the other religeous buildings in the town.

For more information about the abbey, and for times of services, visit the abbey website

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