The Wild Boar at Bailleul

Wild boar is a delicacy usually reserved for hunters, but these animals are farmed at the Bailleul farm not far from Le Domaine des Hallais. The term "wild boar" in this case might seem to be a contradiction when it refers to farmed animals, but it is the general term used for the species. "Free range" might be a better description.

You can see the wild boar from the safety of a caged wagon towed by a tractor, and you will see the powerful males, the cute striped young, and the protective females. The farm is expansive and your visit will cover the water lakes, the shelters and the feeding grounds.

Visits are by appointment during the summer. They last about half an hour, and there is a small charge. There is also a small restaurant on site where you can have lunch and som farm products for sale. For more information click here.

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