Jardin de la Perrine

The Jardin de la Perrine in Laval was built in 1885 and is now a favourite place to relax and unwind. In a semi-formal French pattern, its main feature in Summer is the rose plantings, but there is interest all year round. It is positioned on the side of the Mayenne valley, overlooking the river, and is a good place to enjoy views of the layout of the town.

At the same site you can see the boat, "Fire-Crest II" in which Alain Gerbault, a Laval native, WWI air ace and successful businessman, crossed the Atlantic in 1923, and also a museum of contemporary art, stained glass and costumes through time.

The entrance to the garden is off Rue du Douanier Rousseau not far from the castle. Here are some photographs taken in June:

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