The Robert Tatin Museum at Cossť-le-Vivien

This extraordinary museum represents a massive undertaking by the artist, who constructed it during the last 20 years of his life. He built it with the help of his wife Lise, within and around the little old house where they both lived. It charts both his growth as an artist and as an individual throughout his life, and presents his personal symbolic expression of the balance and integrity of the universe that he had discovered on his life's journey.

Robert Tatin worked in many media and various examples are displayed. Large statues are outdoors and his smaller sculptures, poetry and paintings are exhibited in various indoor galleries. The surrounding grounds are landscaped and carry displays of some works of other artists, and also offer a childrens' play area.

Two options for admission are offered: the full one is recommended; it includes an introductory video (available in English) and a guided tour of the house that is left very much as the artist himself left it when he died. (Lise no longer lives there) Helpful fact sheets charting the artist's life and travels are offered in English, and the full-colour leaflet giving an overview of the museum and its contents is also available in English.

To reach the museum from Le Domaine des Hallais, take the N157 into Laval and then the N171 from the Southern ring road, signposted to Cossť-le-Vivien and Craon. The museum is clearly signposted once you get to Cossť-le-Vivien.

The museum is open all year except during the month of January and on Christmas day; afternoons only from October through March, otherwise 10.00 am until 7.00 pm. Allow at least a couple of hours to walk around and to absorb the information from your guide. There is an admission charge. Click here for the official museum website (in French).

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