The Roman baths at Entrammes

Entrammes gets its name from the Latin meaning "between the rivers". It is located between the Mayenne, the Jouanne and the Ouette, and was an important juntion of routes between Brittany, Jublains, the East and South during the Roman period.

The baths were incorporated into the structure of the local church when it was expanded. The old structure was adapted, the floors covered, the fireplace filled in. A as a consequence, the baths are in a good state of preservation.

Access is by guided tour in French. Your visit starts with an introductory video which puts the baths into the context of the Mayenne in Roman times. You will then see the exterior walls, the fireplace, and the identifying features on the walls. In the interior of the building you will clearly see the different rooms that offered bathing at different temperatures, and the passages taken from one to the other as the bathing process progressed.

The visit lasts about an hour and there is a small charge. Opening hours are from 3 to 7 PM every day in July and August, with mornings too, 9-12 in the high season from 14th July to 15th August. In addition, Sunday afternoons from 8th April to 30th June offer three visits, from 3 till 5. Visits are every hour on the hour.

There is also a short but interesting walking route that takes you through the village and out onto the adjacent hillside for a panoramic view.

The abbey of Port du Salut is also nearby, beside the Mayenne. You can visit the peaceful gardens for free, and buy locally made produce in the monastery shop. There is also a snail farm in Entrammes.

Entrammes is about half an hour away by car. From Le Domaine des Hallais, follow the scenic country route via Vaiges, St Georges le Fléchard, Bazougers and Parné sur Roc. The visit to the baths lasts about an hour, but if you do the walk, and visit the abbey, allow a lazy half day for the visit.

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