The oratory of St Céneré

The oratory of St Cénéré was originated by a Benedictine missionary in 650 who chose to set up his mission by a little spring flowing into the river Erve. He lived there carrying out his works, while he dined off wild fruits and plants, drinking the fresh water from the spring. The spring is still there, feeding a well below the oratory building, and you can take a cool drink to refresh you on your walk.

The pleasures of this visit lie as much in the walk as in the destination. Download our guide here.

Total time for this walk is about 70 minues if done briskly and without pause, much more if you linger at the restaurants, or stop to explore the churches, tourist information and other sites in Saulges. The way is uneven and narrow in places, and as well as the stepping stones across the river, there are stiles on the way back so this walk is not suitable if you are unsteady on your feet.

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